About Quality Label Company

Memo from Andy Puleo:

     The Quality Label Company has more to offer than beautiful labels. Our focus is to provide our customers with improved marketing. We help you lower the cost of getting noticed in the most positive way. It’s not just a matter of price per label. Extra value also comes from the staying power of your image. Companies pay thousands for billboard advertising just to capture a few seconds of attention.  When your product leaves your business, it will carry your own miniature billboard. It will get noticed everywhere it goes. This brings more new business by word of mouth and helps customers remember you so they return more often.

We’re open Monday through Friday from 9 to 5 eastern time.  We answer our phone and talk to our customers one on one.  If you prefer, you can also email us or inquire through our contact page. Don’t hesitate to ask for me personally.


Yours Truly
Andy Puleo
President, Quality Label Co.